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Via Pisa 28 is the new go-to brand for leather accessories,
and the first to bring fashion world’s sense of taste,
elegance and luxury to the world of promotions.

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100% made in Italy
About us

Via Pisa 28 is the new go-to brand for leather accessories, and the first to bring fashion world’s sense of taste, elegance and luxury to the world of promotions.

It is a creative language half-way between design and craftmanship, that originates from the vision and common effort of a group of enterpreneurs that decided to bet on quality and on Italy as well and to offer a product never seen before.

The team, a group of professionals with over twenty years experience in the brand promotion sector, pooled their expertise and intuition to take the market by surprise, a market which is increasingly demanding when it comes to fashion accessories.

Today, Via Pisa researches, designs and develops accessories and articles which stand out, because they are 100% Made in Italy.

Via Pisa 28 is an unprecedented business venture because, it has chosen to stay tied to one fundamental value: artisanal craftmanship.

It is, in fact, one of a few companies that still prefers to employ expert and qualified labor, the only one able to guarantee a level of quality thanks to its attention to detail, artisanal care and aesthetic research.

Via Pisa 28 has developed products that are the expression of Italian design and fashion, because they unite creativity and the ability to anticipate trends, thanks to the highest excellence in the production and the attention paid to the finishings.

Made in italy

For Via Pisa 28, Made in Italy is the basis of all its collections, it is the common thread of the entire production process.

For this reason the choice of partners who are tasked with the creation of its products went for the best manufacturers in Italy that are synonymous with excellence in leather craftmanship the world over.

Via Pisa 28 has forged partnerships with the best italian players, and has collaborated with them to create products that are the perfect synthesis between Italian quality, taste and fashion.

What We Do

The sophisticated collection of leather design objects of ViaPisa28® ranges from iPad covers to golf clubs protections. Striking colour combinations and a distinguished “optical” look create a fascinating world of exclusive look. The “fluo” line offers precious Saffiano and calf leather, in the base colours bluette or anthracite,characterized by bright inserts in fluorescent shades of various colours. The stylish “eco” line employs bonded leather, in black or anthracite, with orange details, offering a different and complementary range of accessories.


Smooth Saffiano full grain leather with plain inserts, or calf leather with a pigmented and protective coat, with a soft, waxy feel and semi-matt appearance, these are the qualities of the “fluo” line. Touch, feel, smell, human senses cannot be betrayed.

The fine leathers employed by ViaPisa28® are produced, tanned, coloured, selected and hand worked exclusively in Italy, passing through the wise hands of expert handcraftsmen.


Bonded leather is treated and worked with the same care and accuracy like genuine, natural leather. Colouring, cutting, sewing happens exactly with the same techniques and requires the same attention. With eco, we of ViaPisa28® are proud to offer an essential, pure, yet striking range of objects which lead us in the world of leather, with the consciousness of respecting the environment both with the production processes and the finishing. The result is an innovative line of products characterized by unexpected refinement and fascinating look and feel.

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